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Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology / La revue canadienne de l’apprentissage et de la technologie

The Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology is a peer-reviewed journal that welcomes papers on all aspects of educational technology and learning. Topics may include, but are not limited to : learning theory and technology, cognition and technology, in

Articles les plus récents

Learning Leaders

mardi 22 décembre 2020 par Margaret Cox, Barry Quinn
This paper builds on the work of EdusummIT2019 TWG2’s focus on “Learning as learning leaders: How does leadership for learning emerge beyond the traditional teaching models?” The aim was to use the well-established theoretical framework of Entwistle which shows the factors (and alignments between (...)

Safe and Responsible Internet Use in a Connected World

mardi 22 décembre 2020 par Cathy Lewin, Dale Niederhauser, Quinn Johnson, Toshinori Saito, Akira Sakamoto, Roger Sherman
Cyber-wellness concerns positive wellbeing in online spaces, including awareness of how to behave appropriately and protect oneself. We explain and illustrate the complex nature of cyber-wellness, focusing on four key aspects. Firstly, developing students’ information and media literacy skills (...)

Flipped Learning Promotes Deep Learning in an Economic Intelligence Course

mardi 22 décembre 2020 par souad kamoun Chouk, Lorna Uden
Proponents of the flipped classroom argue that the approach helps students to develop cognitive strategies, such as understanding, retention, collaboration, and the restructuring of information, as well as promoting autonomous and independent learning. Deep learning promotes knowledge transfer. (...)

Training Faculty for Better Online Teaching

lundi 21 décembre 2020 par SRINIVASA P PAI
Online teaching and learning is a necessity rather than a choice in all forms of education today. Faculty are one of the important element in this online teaching / learning process. There are several issues pertaining to faculty and one important issue is the training of the faculty and their (...)

Institutional Perspectives on Faculty Development for Digital Education in Canada

lundi 21 décembre 2020 par Charlene A. VanLeeuwen, George Veletsianos, Olga Belikov, Nicole Johnson
As digital education at the post-secondary level continues to grow, robust professional development that prepares faculty to teach in online and blended settings is necessary. In this study we analyze open-ended comments from the Canadian Digital Learning Research Association’s annual survey of (...)

Oral Production Skills and Self-Regulation Processes : Exploring the contribution of the e-portfolio

lundi 21 décembre 2020 par Maxime Paquet, Thierry Karsenti
This article presents the results of an exploratory study that describes and analyzes the contribution of the e-portfolio in the use of the self-regulation process. The sample used was of female grade 9 high school students during oral production tasks. A content analysis of student (...)

Defining the Visual Complexity of Learning Management Systems Using Image Metrics and Subjective Ratings

lundi 21 décembre 2020 par Brenda M. Stoesz, Mehdi Niknam, Jessica Sutton
Research has demonstrated that students’ learning outcomes and motivation to learn are influenced by the visual design of learning technologies (e.g., learning management systems or LMS). One aspect of LMS design that has not been thoroughly investigated is visual complexity. In two experiments, (...)

The Effects of One-to-One Laptop Program on Help-Seeking and Homework Completion

lundi 21 décembre 2020 par Jérémie Bisaillon, Stéphane Villeneuve, Alain Stockless
Many students prefer to abandon rather than seek help during their homework. However, seeking support is recognized as an effective learning strategy to complete assignments. Technology-supported classroom could have a beneficial impact on this strategy and, therefore, on homework completion. (...)

Foreign Language Exposure in Knowledge-Building Forums Using English as a Foreign Language

lundi 21 décembre 2020 par Marni Manegre
This study examines whether the students with higher levels of language and cultural awareness relating to the L2 share this knowledge with their peers in collaborative writing tasks when participating in the Knowledge Building International Project (KBIP). The study was conducted in two (...)

The Effect Of E-learning On Student Outcomes Under COVID-19

dimanche 20 décembre 2020 par ahmed Al-Ghanimi
As COVID-19 was declared a pandemic disease by WHO on March 11, 2020, the global prevalence of COVID-19 disease has increased dramatically. Iraq declared the emergency condition, followed by the curfew, in response to the COVID-19 crisis. All branches of education have been. Closed education (...)

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